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Vaccine O.K All Natural Oral Homeopathic Formula.

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We developed this product for parents that are not convinced of the safety of vaccinations / immunizations. I do not get vaccinated for any reason, but that's my own opinion, that's for everybody to decide for themselves. In many states (all most all) your children have to have their shots before entering school.
"Vaccine O.K" should be given about a week after being vaccinated this is for your babies, adolescents, and teens. "Vaccine O.K" will help neutralize any negative effects of vaccinations / immunizations without effecting any therapeutic values. 
There are many adults that may benefit from taking this product as well,adults can take it a week after getting vaccinated or any time if you believe you're having symptoms relating to these shots.
I myself had problems early in school with learning I couldn't seem to focus my attention long enough or remember what I had just learned. I once had a teacher that told me she thought I was dyslexic with a lack of attention and being dyslexic it was a struggle to learn and get through school.
In my twenties I went through a long detox of herbs and homeopathic to rid myself of these symptoms and feel today I have neither of these symptoms remaining.  
Directions infants & adolescents take 2-3 drops daily for 2 weeks. Teens & adults take 4-5 drops daily for 2 weeks or as your Physician directs you.
Active ingredients:Cuprum Aceticum,Ledum,Arundo,Tilia Europa,Zingibar. Inactive ingredients: 80%distilled water 20% grain alcohol.           

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