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Stop Moulting. All Natural Liquid Homeopathic Drops For Chickens.

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We rise chickens for eggs like many people do and sell some to neighbors. I started researching chicken moulting because some of our neighbors wanted to see the chickens and we were too embarrassed to show them as we had several birds that were moulting and very ugly . My research let me to believe nobody really new why chickens would lose their feathers some thought it had to do with stress,change in diet,parasites Etc. after months of trial and error and thought over the subject I believe it is a parasite infection that causes this condition. It was a couple of my favorite parasite remedies that have worked for me. This was a very hard formula to come up with as once the parasite is killed it still takes a couple months for the chicken to grow it's feathers back so be prepared for that. I gave this formula in a small bowel of luke warm water about 10 oz. for 8 birds I did this every 3rd day for 25 days and stopped waited it took quite a while for the naked birds to completely grow their feathers back. I think doing this every 9-10 days all the time is probably the bettor way and the way I do it know,this prevents a future parasitic infection to get ahold of your flock . I've been able to keep this small flock beautiful full time now and show them with pride as they are the most beautiful birds in town not to mention the most healthy.

Active ingredients:Onosomodium,Cuprum Met,Argentum Nitricum,Arsenicum Iodatum. Inactive ingredients 80% grain alcohol 20% distilled water.

You can give 3-4 drops daily into the mouth of each bird that is moulting or use 1 full dropper in a small dish/bowl with about 10 oz. of lukewarm water. This would be good for quite a few birds that only have to take a small drink , be sure to remove the primary water source before placing the treated water.

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