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Smarthealth Naturopathics.Equine "BUTE" All Natural Alternative to Bute. Pain & Inflammation Relief,for Any Breed. …

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Product description

This product was designed as a natural alternative to the dangerous drug “Phenyl-butazone.”or as many know it “Bute” Our product has no side effect like colic, no risk to the GI tract, doesn't cause ulcers, Doesn't cause liver or kidney damage of any kind. There is no blood test that this product can be tested for you will pass the barn test with flying colors. Relieves many types of muscle pain and inflammation along with joint pain and can be used long term for lameness whereas bute can’t without risking damage or death. We really hope people with large horse populations use this product as we believe it will show it self most useful, large ranches or trainers would be perfect as they will its effectiveness in varying degrees with different horses. Soon we will be coming out with "Natural Banamine" natural alternative to banamine. this product will also be legal to use on the race track.


Active ingredients:Salicylicum Acid,Sterculia, Theridion, Thymol, Valerian Root. Inactive ingredients:80% distilled water 20% grain alcohol.

How to use: With someone holding horse or tied off use your index finger and thumb to pinch open the lower lip of the horses mouth, them do 4 quick sprays into mouth do this every 3 hours on race day or during training or for a lame horse. This product should help to reduce your dependency on the anti inflammatory "Bute" or use together for even more pain relief. 

  • For all horse breeds and age's. 1 month guarantee.
  • Relieves pain & inflammation in bones, muscles,and joints.
  • No side effects,no kidney damage,no colic, No GI risk.Can be used for long term lameness safety.
  • This product is apart of our "Performance Horse Series" it can be used on any breed. We developed it for race horse's. On or off the track.Can not be detected in the blood even if used on the day of the race.
  • Use it for training,lameness, and on race day! This product is completely legal to use on any race track any where!

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