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Natural Banamine Alternative,Homeopathic Formula.High Potency,Anti-Inflammatory,Pain Relief.for All Equine Breeds.…

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  • use anytime for equine pain,inflammation, colic of any type.
  • Safe for any horse breed and of any age.
  • For large orders email us before hand and we will arrange for it.
  • This is a all natural alternative to "Banamine".I was working at Los Alamitos race track for thoroughbred race horse’s as a assistant trainer. During my time there I found it frustrating that I could not use Banamine ( an equine anti-inflammatory) used for colic, and many different types of pain. The track vet would tell me that I could use it up till 3 days before the race that’s fine for training days but, the drug was only active for 2 days and my horse had a bone chip in his ankle that banamine worked very well at relieving the pain. The only alternative to this a was expensive injections of cortisone and I new cortisone health wise was much worse for the hore then banamine or bute. I had quite a few pain relieving homeopathic formulas at the time but, only made for humans. I formulated what I felt was as close to banamine as I could I found that it worked for some horse’s that had colic, worked as a anti-inflammatory, pain relief. Banamine I used for Tendon pain, bowed tendons, bruised sore cartilage and ligaments that where painful. “Bute” I used for intramuscular (tissue pain) joint pain, knee pain, shoulder pain and sore muscles. The great thing about these products are that I could use during training and most importantly on race day where it really mattered. Keep in mind this was a slight bone chip that caused a little inflammation if the horse was any worse I believe you should retire the horse which I did. The horse was running 4 or 5 and when adding this product he won. This product is made in a FDA supervised laboratory using state of the art manufacturing methods “Bute or Banamine alternative can be use anytime needed during training and on race day THIS PRODUCT CAN’T BE TESTED FOR. There is no testing in the world that could find any material amounts in the blood stream! So, use on race day with confidence. This product is non habit forming safe for any breed of horse at any age.
  • Ingredients
    Inactive ingredients:80%distilled water 20% grain alcohol. Active ingredients: Anagallis,Aloe,Artemisia,Cactus Grand, Equisetum.

    With the horse tied off use your index and thumb and pinch open the lower lip of the horse's mouth and spray quickly 4-5 spray's into the lower lip,do this every 3 hours for prolong pain.

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