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Kidney cleanse.

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Kidney cleanser / builder. For healther kidney's.
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I wasn't generally that excited about coming out with a kidney cleanse formula  because there are so many on the market and I like to make formula's that are uncommon,... that you generally don't see in other places . But lately I've seen one after the other dialysis centers opening all over the country and I thought it was time to make one that not only cleanses your kidney's but also builds them up and makes them healthier than before.  This formula will help purge out all unwanted materials from your kidney's in approximately 2 weeks  so, if you take the product for a month, the last 2 weeks it will be building up the kidney's to the level of health they need to be.
 This is a product you should probably think of taking every year or year and a half.  As many of you already know, our kidneys are damaged by many different things on a daily basis  from our food, water, and air such as: 1. Without a doubt, refined-commercialized table salt is the most damaging and to the heart as well. This salt is found in almost all commercially  prepared foods. There are 2 different kinds of salt, good and bad and it is critical that we all learn the difference between the two some good ones: (Real salt, Salina's sea salt, Trace Mineral Research ) .  If you were to reduce your intake of bad salt by 60-70% and take this formula I believe this  alone would keep you out of the dialysis room. 2. Coffee: regular or decaf  turns to acid crystals that the kidney's have a very hard time filtering. 
          Just dissolve 7 pellets under the tongue once daily between meals for 4 weeks or as your Naturopathic Physician directs you.  Active ingredients: Platago Major, Paeonia, Carbo Veg, Equistum, Pusitilla, Uva Ursi. Inactive ingredients: 70% sucrose 30% corn sugar in non-allergenic pellets.This product is registered with the FDA. It's made in a FDA supervised  laboratory using state of the art manufacturing methods.  

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