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HRP-30 "Our top seller".

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Relieves the syptoms of herpes, and cold sores, fever blister's.
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Disclaimer: Be aware that this product can cause a slight to moderate aggravation of the symptoms that you are currently experiencing, these symptoms are only temporary and will not last and it only happens in about 15-20% of users, if you think you maybe sensitive to homeopathics and can't endure the aggravation please don't buy this product.   If you catch the outbreak early the blister may not develop into a scab. Heals faster than other products on the market.Works great for chronic outbreaks. Only 2 vials needed. Not for zoster or shingles. Due to rules and regulations I can not thoroughly describe this medicine, I will tell you it's our #1 seller and for a reason,and that it was our first formula developed.I'll let our customer's speak for it.I only hope to keep everyone buying this product focused on the long term goal of this medicine, that is putting your outbreaks into long term remission. Sometimes it comes quick and sometimes it will take a week or 2 after you've completed the vials,so be patient and it will come.This product has a 3 month unconditional guarantee. Many of our customers have contacted us about still having the sensations of stinging & tingling well after the blisters have been suspended, so we developed "Extra Strength Sting & Tingle formula". For those still getting these sensations after taking HRP-30 look for it in our inventory.
 Ingredients: Thuja, Allium, Salvia, Ammonium carb, Bufo, Aurum Metalicum. Inactive ingredients: 70% Sucrose 30% Corn Sugar. Non-allergenic pellets. formulas. There is no need to take more than 1 vial of this medicine,it actually works better to take 1 only, only in rare cases have I had to use 2 vials in the same year. Our pellets are lactose free. Made in a FDA supervised laboratory using state of the art manufacturing methods. This product is non-addictive 100% natural. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you are purchasing Herpes 30x for for cold sores or fever blisters , I've found that it works for about 80% and there are another 20% for. I would love to get your feedback on this.
This formula needs to be taken in sequence start with the original formula first, take 3-5 pellets once or twice daily for 25 days before starting vial #2 take vial #2 for 25 days 3-5 pellets for 25 days as well, then you done.  
Vial #1 the original formula Active ingredients:Thuja,Allium,Salvia,Ammonium Carb,Aurum Met,Bufo, Inactive ingredients 70%sucrose 30% corn sugar in non allergenic pellets Vial#2 active ingredients.Iodum,Kali-Nit,Veratrum,Natrum Phos,Zincum Met. 

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