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Feline Kidney Disease/cleanser.

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Cleanses your cats while fighting disease and building healthy kidney's.
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  • Fights kidney disease and keeps your cats kidney's healthy.
  • Works for all feline breeds and all age's.
  • This product has a 3 month guarantee.
    For all types of cats that have kidney disease, or weak kidney's.

       Directions: With the dropper administer 4-5 drops of formula once daily for 3 weeks or as your Naturopathic veterinarian directs you.

       Ingredients: Acalypha Indica, Allium Sativum, Allumen, Aloe, Cuprum Ace. Inactive ingredients:70% sucrose 30% corn sugar. in non-allergenic pellets.

       We have been hearing from the naturopathic community that many people and cats are getting kidney damage from getting  E coli infections.  If you or your cat gets a E coli infection you should consider getting our  E Coli formula plus our  Kidney Cleanse/Disease formula.

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