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  1. Feline Anal Sac(pus) Disease.All Natural Homeopathic Drops.

Feline Anal Sac(pus) Disease.All Natural Homeopathic Drops.

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Product description

All natural homeopathic formula for feline anal sac (pus) disease. Don't get impatient this took my cat 3 weeks to heal from but, it saved me at least $150-$200.00 bucks.This product have ingredients that relieve the discomfort and pain that your cat maybe experiencing during this infection so it will not suffer.This product is made in a FDA supervised laboratory using state of the art manufacturing methods. If your too busy during your days to administer by mouth this medicine use the cats clean water bowel with lukewarm water 5-6 ounces water add 7-8 drops of liquid in it that will last 1 day then repeat tomorrow. for 25 days.


Active ingredients: Allium Cepa, Allium Sat,Lobelia, Silver Met. Inactive ingredients: 80% distilled water 20 grain alcohol.


5-6 drops into the cat mouth once daily for 25 days or use clean cat bowl 5-6 ounces of lukewarm water and add 7-8 drops of medicine even better would be mix these two steps for 25 days.