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Chicken Antibiotic All Natural Oral Homeopathic drops.

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Designed for organic poultry breeder or a small household that keeps chickens for eggs. This product will help keep your flocks free of many types of parasites & worms too many to list but, here are a few Roundworms,Flatworms,Flukes, Protozoa,Cryptosporidium,and it should work with other types of fowl like turkey,quail Etc. All natural homeopathic antibiotic for chicks and chickens will not harm the immune system. Kills many domestic parasites,worms, bacteria,viruses etc. Just give 8-10 sprays in a small container of lukewarm water and let chickens drink, you will need to take their primary water away for awhile. You can treat the water every other day for as many days as is needed. This product is made in the USA. Made in a FDA supervised laboratory using state of the art manufacturing methods. This is a 1ounce vial.


Active ingredients: Eupatorium Per,Cadmium Sulph,Diosma Lincaris, Capsicum, Cuprum Ace,Alumen,Sulph Acid Inactive ingredients: 20% grain alcohol 80% Distilled water.


Spray directly into the chicken's mouth 3 time every other day or use a small container that holds about 4-5 ounces of water,(use lukewarm water) spray about 8-10 sprays and let specific chickens or let all of your chickens drink from it ,make sure you take their primary drinking water away.

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