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Alopecia. Natural Oral Homeopathic Formula.

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We use the fundamentals taught by the great Samuel Hahnemann to identify the underlying cause of disease (Miasm) once identified we formulated a homeopathic combination of medicines that slowly kill the disease. So, be patient and many of you will be very happy with the results.This product is made in the USA in a FDA supervised laboratory using state of the art manufacturing methods. It's 100% safe and non addicting. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose ,treat,cure or prevent any disease.Directions This formula needs to be taken in sequence start with vial 1. dissolve 7 pellets under the tongue once daily for 25 days, once you've completed that start vial 2. dissolve 7 pellets once daily for 25 days just as you did with vial #1  
Vial #1 active ingredients:Aconitum,Aletris Far,Arum Drac,Butyric Acid,Castanea,Convallaria. Non active ingredients:70% sucrose 30% corn sugar. Vial #2 active ingredients: Eupatorium Per,Ferrum Pic,Granatum,Ignatia,Kali Phos. Non active ingredients : 70% sucrose 30% corn sugar in non allergenic pellets.

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